Google Reindexing


I am running a website and i have made some keyword changes today and would like google to crawl and index my pages. Is there any way to re-index my website to google. Any specific form to fill for re-indexing a website that already exists. Any idea???

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I think search engine will crawl and indexed websites automatically.

You can use services like pingomatic which might help, but if you’ve done your SEO right your site should be visited by the spiders regularly anyway.

The Googlebot will visit your site eventually and reindex your content, just be patient :slight_smile:

There is not any form or other thing for re indexing, you can submit your site again in add url of Google. Submit site in mastermoz it is good directory and instant approve link which help in indexing.

Google will index your site when Google wants to index your site. You can submit your URL(resubmit sitemap to google webmaster tool) for them to crawl, but that is no guarantee it will ever happen, let alone today. All you can do is wait.

Consider news sites. Lot of fresh news are being updated mins to mins. how do those pages gets indexed and displayed when searched. How does google index those pages??? With in a sec or min after the update it gets indexed how come??

This is called “Google Caffiene” !

You might know that recently, Google has made major changes in its infrastructure and to make proper use of that they have made some minor changes in the algorithm too, specially related to speed performance of the pages.

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