Google doesn't index my new version of the site

Hi there

o a old website, i;ve made many changes, and I need that google to cache this new version. How can I do that?

can you write your website url. Let me check.

Hi just share your url and let me check it out properly what exactly problem with url. But as per my experience you can ping your site url in various pinging sites. So, defiantly your site will be crawl.

How old is site? If its 2-3 months then there is a scripting method where you can try by that…

Make a word document of your content,and give couple of internal links and upload here
maximum within 1-2 days your site will be indexed. If its done pleas reply me.
Thank You

You should register you website on google webmaster tools and to fetch it there

Submit your XML sitemap into Google webmaster tools. It’s a best way to index your site visibility in search engines soon.

  • Ping the search engine
  • Submit your Sitemap to the search engine
  • Submit you RSS feeds
  • Submit your website to social bookmarking website
  • Get backlinks from website which frequently get crawled
  • Use fetch as Googlebot tool

I’m not sure if i’m allowed to put the site address in clear (allowed by the sitepoint rules), but the site address is: url removed

  1. how to ping the search engine?
  2. i’ve submitted the sitemap to google;
  3. is a very static webpage, no plan for RSS support;
  4. how can i find the sites which allow backlist?
  5. now I’m reading about fetch

ty for your feedback