SEO Google Old page

If your site is already on Google’s index, will it automatically be refreshed (headings, title, etc.) soon? My site has all old titles for its pages on Google, even though I updated it all yesterday. Just wondering how long it will be. The updates should bring me up SEO-wise drastically.

Google will index the webpages very fast, i think the change of your details will be reflected within one week.

It all depends on the crawler. If your website is frequently updated, the crawler visits frequently. Your information will be upadated as soon as the crawler recrawls your website. Changing titles and headings may have negative effects on your rankings, so be sure what you are changing.

In my personal experience, the spiders are little lazy to revisit your webpages just because you changed the content a little bit or you altered the title tags. Just wait for some time for the spiders to revisit your website. Bookmark your page in social bookmarking site.

My Advice: WAIT

ya but Google will index old new website in 7 to 10 days and if you are going to update website it will update fast

If you are adding or updating your web pages frequently and in regular basis, then the rate of crawling is really high when compare with static web pages getting minor changes. So, be patient till spider crawl your page and it will take average of 7 to 10 days. Thanks.

If you have a sitemap, then updating the <lastmod> tag for the webpage entry will help alert googlebot. It does not guarantee a quick re-crawl, but it helps.