Google Q2 2011 Results - Congratulations!

Google 2nd Q highlights:

  • Google broke the $9 billion sales mark for the first time ever in the second quarter, a 32 percent boost over the Q2 2010 revenues of $6.82 billion.
  • Search engine notched $6.92 billion in net revenue in the second quarter of 2011
  • The search engine traffic share remained at 65% according to CommScore during the month of June 2011

“We had a great quarter, with revenue up 32 percent year on year for a record breaking over $9 billion of revenue,” Google CEO Larry Page said in a statement.

Google shares were up nearly 11% after hours.

A huge success for an Internet company.

However, most webmasters believe that the success has come as a result of Panda. Checkout[URL=“”]
If it is true, then it indicates that Panda is primarily an exercise to promote paid search (adwords) rather than the quality of Google search.

It is a bit surprising that even after 12 years of existence, Google is solely depending on Search Engine Advertising for its profits.

Is it surprising that much of this increase is a result of lowered expenses – namely, paying AdSense partners a lower share of revenue?

It is understandable. In the absence of any competition, Google may be paying negligible amounts to Adsense partners, at the same time increasing the PPC average price by 12% per year. In addition, Google will be promoting their own group of websites like to show up in search results in G’s Internet.