Google Panda 2.2 Update Underway .. O NO NOT Again

in net taking people start notice of the ranking changes as of last night after 6pm EDT

O NO NOT Again … I hate this . did you people notice any changes in your traffic or keyword Ranking ?

The SERPs are not very consistent since Panda update. Changes are being seen continually, and many results with outdated content are still showing up.

Yes I see some changes on few sites.

Really? Ever since the Panda update I have noticed that my search results have improved significantly. There are still some issues, but I would expect Google to continue their hard stance and kill off more content farms and spam sites.

It is nice to hear that some web masters are reporting better quality search results after Panda. May be it depends on niche. In what we see, many pages with obsolete content are showing up. This is particularly true for time sensitive (like the one that gets obsolete over time, say one or two years) information. Of course, Google is still the best among the available search engines and there seems to be no better choice for search users.

Incidentally, there is a thread in WW where fellow webmasters reported better results:

Has the Google share of search market picked up in the month of May '11?

Yes, I believe there were some changes on my websites rankings. It’s all good at least we weren’t slapped with a hard one but just a few spots down while other keywords went a tad up. :slight_smile:

It likely has to do with your back links. If you got most of your back links from link farms, your also going to suffer.

If most of your links are organic from other blogs and what not, you’re going to do better.

Exactly. I’ve always taken a pessimistic view of SEO (as I do with everything) and by ensuring that I’ve only built the kind of links I think that users would actually want to visit if anything we’ve improved our standing amongst search engines.

We now rank on some high search terms, and as a number of our competitors still use dodgy tactics if anything I’m hoping for Google to go further. As with everything, there is no silver bullet, and when it comes to a popular website SEO was never one of them.

No fortunately i don’t effect by Google Panda.Actually it effects to low quality contents or shallow or duplicate contents and content farms…The sites which uses short articles no better than ads, written with poor quality language skills and scraped from other sites, are got penalized.

Really? I too have a guess that Google will do update within a week and as i already read in a blog that it gives much positive credits for those sites with no plagiarism and quality contents. Hope, mine wont affect because of no plagiarism and content farm.

After first update of Google Panda, there are lots of websites ranking was down due to this update… its completely working on content side… let see what happen with 2.2 version hope there is np big drop in SERP…

SERPs means blog comments, forum posting ends
contents means no web.2.0 no article

what else left for SEO ??

Hopefully it will come back to the true meaning of “optimisation”. In other words, ensuring that you have good quality code and navigation, so that spiders can easily crawl, understand and index your site accurately.

Search rankings should be about sites that have good content and sites that are popular; they should not be about which webmaster has spent the most time/money spamming the internet with links to his own site. Any other techniques to manipulate results (ie, to get your site further up the rankings than it deserves to be) goes against what Google is trying to achieve, so it’s absolutely right that they are becoming ever less effective.