Google picking up on post count, last post date, etc

How can I optimize my site to give Google this information? This search is a prime example of what I’m talking about…

Is there a list somewhere of how to give google this kind of information? I’ve also seen sites that are giving a movie review and the review shows up as stars on Google.

How do we make this happen on our sites?

Your website will need to be structured so that Google can clearly tell what’s a parent topic and child replies to that topic. Most forum software will do this nicely. Do you have search engine friendly URLs? If so, are they showing the hierarchy of your pages? Is Google indexing all of your pages? Keep in mind that if Google doesn’t index the child pages then they’re not going to show in the results as children.

We use customized forums, and we have a breadcrumb system but it doesn’t appear google picks up on that. The URLs are the same as how they’re done here on these forums, so there’s no structure to be determined from the URL.

you say that like it would be a good thing