How to index WordPress Posts comment in google

How to index WordPress Posts comment in google

If Google can crawl the comments, then Google will index them. Whether it then displays them in search results is another matter, and one over which you have no control.


(Don’t expect to make a comment and then google to instantly have indexed it; as you have no control over Google’s choice to display them in search results, you also have very little control over it’s choice of when to crawl and reindex your site.)

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Before comment on any post you need to complete your WP profile and also need to index your WP profile in Google. If your profile will index than activity in profile also do index in Google search.

Sometimes Google don’t allow to index web pages. We should avoid them.

If you are using “Yoast SEO” then go to Yoast SEO meta box, click on the advanced tab, ensure that “Allow search engines to show this post in search results?” is selected.

Assure that we don’t set up meta robots to noindex on website. It should be index, follow

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