If you don't mind I have a question to Admins

Dear Admins
If you don’t mind I have question to you. Your forums is one of famous but why you not index in google PR?

Google hasn’t updated their page rank in so long and this subforum folder (however you want to describe it) was released AFTER that.

Google probably won’t ever release an updated PageRank number to the public anymore. They haven’t in forever.

Pagerank is only a minor factor in SEO though so us publicly knowing the number does nothing.

Dear Admin
Thanks for the reply.

I pay little attention to PR, but out of idle curiosity I did once check PR on the “old” SitePoint forums on vBulletin. The home page, and some of the long-standing “sticky” threads had high PR, and pretty much every other page I checked had PR0. Which makes sense; not many of our pages contain sufficient information of lasting value for many people to link to them - and that’s what PR is based on.

So all the “experts” who advise folk to get backlinks from “high PR forums” really don’t know what they’re talking about. (And, of course, links here are nofollow, as they were on vBulletin.)

Dear TechnoBear
Then if we put our site direct link in this forum post, is it violate the forum rules?

If you do it with the intention of promoting your site, then yes.

If you’re asking for help with coding, and need to link to your site to demonstrate your problem, then no.

You should find the FAQs help to clarify things for you.


It sounds like you have been listening to SEO-kiddies that as is typical don’t know squat.

Forget about PR and get into 2015


hi, I too have a question. some how I’m finding it complicated to get used to this forum’s overall user-friendliness. It’s different than the other forums

Hi @diana123 and welcome.

The forum runs on Discourse, and I agree that it does take some getting used to. We have a couple of posts that should help you find your way, and if you have a more specific question, please ask. But the place to start is here:


Keep coming and you will quickly learn everything. This forum uses Discourse which is unused by many o ther forums. Please refer to this cheat sheet.


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Hey Dana, nice to meet you :slight_smile: @TechnoBear linked you to probably the most helpful info on how to navigate our forums. It takes a little bit of time to get use to but is very easy once you do.

Is there anything in particular that you find hard to navigate?

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thank you :smile:

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