Panda Algorithm changed any effect on your websites?

As recently we have seen the panda algorithm changed …and i got some effects on my websites?what about yours? was good effect or bad?..

Let me tell you that Google just renamed this update so you can call it “Penguin Update” :slight_smile: This update is specially to stop the web spam so if your website has overly done SEO then it will definitely affected by this update. So try to be more accurate with your contents, make it unique and update your website regularly and you’ll get your rankings back…

[FONT=Verdana]If you want to discuss the effects of algorithm changes, you really need to start the debate with some more information. What effects have you seen on your sites? Why do you feel these are the result of the Panda updates? Do you feel it’s been a positive thing or a negative thing overall - for you personally and for the Web as a whole?

If you don’t start a good discussion, it will just attract “fluff” replies. Take the lead. :)[/FONT]

I’m afraid you’re mistaken there. Panda and [URL=“”]Penguin are two separate algorithm changes.

No they haven’t!!! You making that up. Both Penguin and Panda are separate algorithms that are run periodically to score sites for different things! Panda is more of a site quality score and has been run a number of times. Panda is a spam detection algorithm and has only been run once.

I think Panda/Penguin has been talked to death here on the forums. Please search for it (I found a dozen posts regarding the topic), and if you’ve got specific questions about it, or any other SE algorithms, approaches, please feel free to repost. General rule of thumb is, build your content well and the SE and others will come.

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