Panda Update Is Here And Targets Webspam And Spinning

I considered some of you guys who don’t follow search engine optimization news tightly want to know-

Google Just pasted it’s about to do another Panda update and that its purpose at webspam and twirled content with links within unrelated text.

Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: Another step to reward high-quality sites

Update this has already been pressed out

Google Launches Update Targeting Webspam In Search Results

I’ve started to see sites drop from the 1st page, new sites pop up and then even more sites arrive.

Strange things have been happening recently IMO, it seems a little unsettled…

If we go through online forms and sites, we can see that large number of sites affected from the update. This is not a penalty. It is a filter. Ranking for less optimized keywords are untouched. But ranking for optimized keywords are getting lower.

Something that is interesting for webmasters, and SEO.
Google announced a new algorithm change to reduce the ranking of ‘perceived’ spammers.

This latest update appears to target keyword stuffing (lists of keywords) and article spinning.
This will reduce the rank of the website with spam keywords in their content.

I think the fact that Google is targeting webspam is not new anymore. They’ve always been making updates that would bring down the ranks of those who use webspam to manipulate their rankings. The thing that’s changing here is how they’re improving their algorithm to go against the violators of their standards of quality.

This update from Google is mainly because of those so called ‘blackhatters’ who tried to ‘game’ Google algorithm by tons of software generated low quality links. Nobody will deny the fact that it is a good step , ensuring the search result more quality. But at the same time it will also see a rise of negative SEO.

[FONT=Verdana]I think the key line is this one:

We’ve always targeted webspam in our rankings, and this algorithm represents another improvement in our efforts to reduce webspam and promote high quality content

This change isn’t anything new, and it shouldn’t cause any worries for webbies who have been following Google’s guidelines all along (ie, write good content for people, don’t keyword-stuff for search engines) – it’s just one more step on the road that Google’s been going down since the start. Evolution, rather than revolution.[/FONT]