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I’m trying to please google page insights and i’ve got a 80-90 on mobile for all pages on my site unless they have a video embedded on the page.

The youtube embed google really doesn’t like and gives the page a low score of about 40.

Is there any way to embed videos that google likes for speed? I’m doing recipes and every one does have a video.


Videos are a problem that Google appear to have overlooked with their test pages.

Have you tried to test your web page loading speed with video embedded?

I use the framework and delighted with the Pingdom results and ignore the Google Web Page Insight results.

Results of 5 YouTube videos on a single web page:


I have issues with Pingdom as it doesn’t recognise when I’m using a CDN and grades the page as though I’m not using one :nono:


It also doesn’t seem to understand HTTP 2 push. Any pushed CSS is ignored and counted as a separate HTTP request.

These tools are indicative and not gospel. My own site ( ) scored lower than it should have on pagespeed for years because of “render blocking CSS”, even though it used HTTP 2 push to send the CSS as part of the first request. They’ve fixed that now though and I get a nice 100 score :slight_smile:


YouTube video embeds are pretty well optimized. So, they do not actually lower the page speed. You can use SEO embeds so it communicates to bots that your site is hosting a video.

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