Contradictory Pageloading Results: GTMetrix/Pingdom

After using GTMetrix and Pingdom to run a pageloading test on a site, I received contradictory results. Granted I am on a shared hosting environment and there are different pageload times because of the ‘hops’ that are done, but take a look at these:

Pingdom rates:
Compress components with gzip: (F) 34
Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN): (F) 0
Page Load time: 1.53s
Page size: 1.4MB

Compress components with gzip: (A) 100
Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN): (A) 100
Fully loaded time: 2.5s
Page size: 965KB

Soooo… who’s more accurate? Do the two services have different standards for their ratings?

I’d appreciate some wisdom.

I tend to run both those checkers (and others) and try to get the best results overall. I have noticed that Pingdom doesn’t recognise when a site is using a CDN for which I’ve not seen an explanation. I can’t imagine why they report a different page size.

Try running it through and

as well.

Thanks, gandalf458. I seem to be getting different results even with Google Pagespeed Insights.

Page Load Time: 3.7s (???). That’s quite a difference compared to the other testers I’ve used. Of course, I don’t know if Google has to make more hops to the server to receive it’s data.

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