Home page load time

According to Google Analytics, the average load time of my home page is 10 seconds.
I think this is unacceptable.

My page has a video, but it is hosted on Amazon S3. Any clue why my page is loading so slowly, and what I can do about it?

use the onlinepagespeed test and it will show you whats wrong, there are a lot of different things that can make a page slow:


i did a quick look and it boils down to:

you need to enable caching of things on peoples browserts (search google for ettags)

you need to enable compression of pages (search for mod_deflate)

and you need to run your images through something like smush.it

once you have done those then you should run the tests again and see whats next :slight_smile:

and you have something wrong with an image: bg.png thats loading 4 times from different places.

fixing this one thing will take 2 seconds from the load time!!

Google track it by toolbar.
You should remove all party script if want it fast.

I think you meant “third” party script, didn’t you?

Also, always ask yourself: is this my provider? See if you can host this page on a different server and see if it makes a difference.

Of course, optimizing your page for image sizes and making sure that your embedded media loading happens in parallel with the page loading is a must.

combine CSS and JavaScript
use a cache plugin ( w3 total )
avoid 404 pages
and use a CDN

Hi paulcj2, Your page took 8 seconds to load at my end using my cell phone as a modem. I live at the equivalent of star wars forest moon Endor, SEQ, Australia. Maybe stripping the whitespace from your source code will save 500ms - 1 second. I hope this information was useful.

I believe the video at the front page make it slower. Use minimal JavaScript if you want a fast load site. For images, you can use a plugin to shrink the size.

See what takes away the most time

Check if you have any css or js that slow things down, because your site has to load these elements on to your site. If you have large images, try to optimize them, when you export using photoshop, use Save For Web, then select quality to 60-70. That will help. If your site is too low, try to move to dedicated server. On shared hosting, sometimes other websites on the same server can slow down your website.

check your plugins, delete plugins not used.
plugins sometimes have a big size capacity

as for today search engine new algorithm website loading time should be 8 to 10 second

Why don’t you try other tools to check the page load time. As time passed this is one of the most important factor of on-page optimization.

Which ‘other tools’ that haven’t already been mentioned in this thread would you suggest? What is your experience with them?

Here is how I sped up my page http://www.visibilityinherit.com/code/yslow-&-google-page-speed-htaccess-code-how-to-speed-up-your-website.php

I think the original info is wrong, I’ve got a seriously lousy web connection, I can barely stream lowest res YouTube video, and your site loaded in about 1 second, that 10 second average can’t be right.

There are a couple of things you could do to optimise your front-end, such as compressing images, moving your JavaScript to the bottom of the page or dynamically loading it, gzipping your page and simply reducing how many HTTP requests you are making.

However, your page isn’t exactly big to begin with, which leads me to believe that it’s down to both your hosting and your choice of CMS. WordPress can be quite sluggish, especially when you have extended it to be used like a CMS. WP Total Cache can help, but WordPress is best used as a blog and not a CMS.

Totally unacceptable. I wouldn’t hire a website designer who had a slow home page like that. I wish I knew what the problem was with your own website but yes…

This has to be fixed. :slight_smile: