Google Local Listing Bulk Upload

Hi Friends,

Can i use same location & Same Contact number details for bulk uploading process in Google Local Business Listing? Is this good strategy?

Awaiting for your positive reply…

You might get away with using the same contact number, such as a generic 800 number, but the same location is not going to work. Google Local Business listing is part of the data that populates Google Maps. Think about it from the customer perspective. If you were searching for a local shop and the shop owner uploaded multiple listings with the same address, what good would it do you? Absolutely nothing.

I suspect that Google is going to stop you from making multiple listings with the same location, for good reason. They might not stop you with the same phone number but I’d still avoid it if possible.

That would create a heck of confusion amongst the users who really want to use google maps to locate your business. Although google may not penalize you for having similar names/and other information, the address which is the main part of google maps should given care!