Google isnt listing my site anymore?

One of my websites has been on the first page of google search for the past 2 years, its always been there periodically shifting from #1 - #5, but yesterday it isnt even listed in the top 100, other pages from the site are there, my main keyword is “microscopes” and my site seems to have vanished, i havent changed any page on the whole website for probably 6 months now, i have followed googles guidelines for design and havent tried to cheat the system, pagerank of 5.

The site is listed on google, for example when i type “runyes autoclaves” into google search we are #1 and “microscope special deals” #1, im not concerned about the #1 position my main concern is that when i search for my main keyword i cannot find my site in the top 100.

It hasnt been hacked as far as i can see, i dont understand it, can anyone please explain?

That sort of thing happens a lot. Google has recently updated, so that may account for it. See this recent thread:

there are lots of reasons for that, maybe your content is copied from other website, or maybe you have done lots of link building…so that for that reason google throw your website on that particular keyword into it’s SandBox.

I copied alot of content from my main website, but it is my own material, i just copied from myself basically, and it hasnt been affected for 2 years, do you think this is the reason it has been penalised?
If i add new original content then will i get the site out of the SandBox? Or is the site condemned now?
Could it be another reason? I havent done anything dodgy apart from duplicate my own content.

Yup content duplication is the only reason as i figured it out now. you know that, i know that, it’s your original material, but how google knows that :slight_smile: he found duplication so he put your website down…!!

So if I write original content for the site now will google restore the site and rank me highly as I have been used to the past two years or do think the site is now blacklisted?

Yes, go with the original content, all things get back to it’s previous position but will take time not as quick as it disappeared…

[FONT=Verdana]sgwilks - when you say

One of my websites has been on the first page of google search for the past 2 years, its always been there periodically shifting from #1 - #5, but yesterday it isnt even listed in the top 100, other pages from the site are there
do you mean that the home page is no longer indexed, but other pages are?

You can’t possibly know that for certain. If the unindexed page is the only one with duplicate content then it might be an explanation, certainly, but it’s not the only possibility.

Several months back, the home page of one of my sites vanished from Google search. (It was fine in other search engines.) It was showing OK in Google Webmaster Tools, but the 3,000-odd entirely natural and organic links to that page were no longer showing up. Other pages still appeared in Google search results, but not the home page. Instead, what showed, with the content from my home page, was another domain which had been set to direct to mine. Don’t ask me why Google chose to index my home page content under this other domain - I can only assume because the other domain was older. I couldn’t get anywhere with Google on the issue, or with the owner of the other domain, but a few weeks ago, possibly as a result of the Panda update, the other domain disappeared from the results, my home page reappeared and Webmaster Tools started to show those 3,000 in-bound links again.

I’m not saying this is the cause of sgwilks problem too, simply that there are other possible causes apart from duplicate content.

sgwilks - is your duplicate content coming from within the same site or from another site you own? Why are you using it in the first place? Have a read at this article from Google and see if you think your duplicate content might really be the cause of your problems.

I seems to be worse than i originally thought, for example when if i previously type “chemistry set” into google the site was always in top 3 (not index page), now its nowhere, although if i type a much broader and specific search term such as “Borosilicate Glassware Organic Micro Chemistry Set” this is the TITLE tags on that webpage the site is #1, it seems that i have to force a specific targetted search term such as this to now find the site, i am talking about pages other than the index page

Even if i type “Video Borescope Endoscope Camera MIGS-6100” which is the TITLE tag for this page i cant find the site in the top 100 whereas previously a single keyword of borescopes found this page easily in top 10, i cant remember the exact placing but this product was always easily found, usually top 5.

From what I can see, you’re competing against lots of other sites that have pretty much exactly the same content for each product – maybe slightly tweaked, but essentially the same. What sets your site apart from the others? Nothing … at least not in a good way. One thing that does set it apart is the 1990s-style code. Ideally you would ditch the layout tables altogether, but the most important thing from an SEO point of view is to sort out your headings. The name of the product (not the category) needs to be in an <h1> and in the <title>. Key sections within each page need to be in <h2>s. At the moment, it’s going to be really hard for Google to figure out what each page is about, so it’s no great surprise that it’s not rating the site highly.

I checked Bing and previously we ranked highly there too, but now we seem to have disappeared from alot of search results using our main keywords, same as google, so how can this be?
I think i read Yahoo and MSN use google technology for search, but i stand to be corrected, but for what i know Bing is not using google technology.

Is you website is steel indexed on not? Is it deleted from Google indexed? if yes then send reconsideration request to Google using Webmasters Tool. then changes your all content and add fresh and unique content. if you have done any spamming for getting more backlinks then delete your site link from law quality websites.

[FONT=Verdana]If you have established that there is a reason why Google has a problem with your site, then you need to fix the problem before you submit a reconsideration request.

sgwilks - are you using Google Webmaster Tools? If so, check to make sure Google isn’t reporting any problems with your site, such as problems with crawler access.[/FONT]

Hello please i want to know the exact use of Web Master Tools?please describe about Google WebMaster in detail and also how we can create Google Webmaster for our sites?

Google has a really cool search engine that helps you find answers to questions like this. :slight_smile:

You can find out about the webmaster tools here:

Thanks ralph…

my advice is that you wait and observe for 2 months, maybe your content is copy or fast-linkbuliding in short time, but even you did nothing sometimes
the ranking will up and down in short period, but if your ranking from top 3 dropped to 100+, it must has downgraded by google… reflash some original
texts and make some quality links in short time, but remember, just few quality ones, not more quantity, see what happen in 2 months. because this is
my experiences, 2 months the ranking back to top 3.