Google Updating Page Rank - Check out


Is the google is dancing? today i looked a great change in my sites.. morning i had page rank of '0' (updated last by google) for []( - afternoon had a page rank of '2' and now unranked...

What's happening? When will the update be over? When I can get the updated PR for my sites?


I don’t see any PR fluctuation, it may be a glitch with your site ? Need more confirmations i think.

Yes, the toolbar PR did update. I checked several of my sites and there is definitely a flucuation from what the toolbar PR showed yesterday.

me too, 2->2, 0->0, but update is 100%, every second blogger writes about it :slight_smile:

Yep, my bad, checked some 30 of my sites, half of them have PR changes ops.

i see with PR2, probably you need to refresh the page so the toolbar to display correct data, sometimes it remembers last page visited.

i think, it has updated correctly,
Today i got PR 4 in my both blogs and
hopefully, it would continue as it…

that’s right - thanks for the heads up sankrish

I now have a PR0>PR4 site.

Now come the links

Woohoooooo…Directly get PR3 in first update. It’s rocking:

Hey I also got pr3 for my 3 sites.

Hey guys, there is a sticky thread for discussing PR updates. Let’s keep it all in one place please.