How long does it take after crawling to index a site?

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I wanted to know if there will be a significant delay, after your site is crawled, to be indexed?


Not pretty sure but if your site has a sitemap it will be crawled by Google in 2-3 hours especially if you submitted it to some social bookmarking site like stumbleupon and reddit. Then, it will be index by Google maybe within 2 days or more.

Google has said that the rate and depth of crawling is largely dependant on your site’s PR.

Indexation is a completely different beast and will depend on the full algorithm being applied page by page.

A sitemap only aids in discovery/crawl, but not indexation.

Social Bookmarking only provides an entry point for discovery/crawl, but not indexation (unless the inbound link is of high value and relevance).

A lot depends on the way your link structure is setup. If it is easy to follow, then Google should be able to index quite a bit of it at a time.

Indexing a website is different from displaying. So in order to search engines crawl, index and ranking(displaying), website needs to follow various guidelines such as content and technical. More information is available here:

Thanks for this info mate. Before, I thought once you got crawled, you got indexed automatically.

And Google said they not relying on PR anymore…

Not relying on, but PR is still one of their ranking factors.

if you are using yahoo answer and link your site it then it will increase your chance to get site indexed.its my view.


Mainly indexing is depends on how you pomote and link back.After doing basic steps like submission. of sitemap to webmaster account.
we have do link back techniques like social bookmark posting, article posting, and local classified posting.

After doing above steps website will get indexed in short time.


We have just shifted our site to a new server and also experience some delay in crawling even though we have submitted the site to webmaster tools and already have turned really high PR pages to link it…

That is interesting. I thought the two can increase your site indexation.

If PR is a factor in indexing, could you kindly tell me how long will it take for new sites to get indexed?

This is absolutely correct. If social bookmarking would equal a site’s indexation, I guess google would be full of crap ranking high.

Linking to already index site will surely get your index as well. It takes mins as I see my sites being indexed by Google.

If there is nothing wrong with your site, nothing that might incur a penalty from google, then you would be indexed in a matter of days after the spiders have visited. Sometimes just hours.

Can’t even remember a site I’ve launched that has taken more than a day or two to get listed on google. I’m more concerned about holding off from going live until I get all the content in so that google doesn’t display the wrong content before I get the “real” content live. If it’s taking you more than a day or two to get ALL of your new pages indexed, you haven’t done something right, that’s for sure.