Google blocked Popunder ads and launched Native ads

Google in the last month announced that they block adsense for publishers who also have Popunder ads on their sites and also they launched Native ads on adsense. So my question is, how long do you think until they completely take over the online advertising market and kill all other networks?

I thought Google and Fartbook already controlled 90%+ of internet advertising.

I think the intention economy will have really taken off before Google really gets a chance to totally dominate by itself.

In the next year Google will increase their market share from 70% to 90% and will crush all opposition.

For the user’s point of view, yes, I think it is a good thing… For those who rely on ads to make profit for the sites, obviously not.

Now that everybody is using ads everywhere, the profit that you can get from an ad campaign is really low. So you need to do a lot of effort to make it worth it. And since some webmasters see it as a business, pushing the ads whether the user like them or not, is their way to make sure that they can make a living.

But I still believe that you should have more than one form of income, and that relying on ads only to get your check is not very wise. And certainly, making users to hate your site is not the way to go :slight_smile:


Ads are the only way publishers can give you free content. without ads the user will either have to pay for the content or the website will be closed. Popups gives publishers much higher rates than banners so many publishers (like myself) rely on them.

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