Adsense disabled ads on my website... looking for advice!

Hello all and thanks in advance for reading this post. I’m looking for some advice as my title says. I have a humor site that contains jokes, funny pictures, and videos. I also have a daily mailing list with about 500 subscribers. The site is 14 years old. Most of the time the site has just kinda sat there collecting dust but over the last year or so I’ve given it a bit of attention and traffic has picked up a lot. Starting in maybe April of last year I began earning about $200 a month from adsense. By October of last year I was averaging $500 per month. In December I earned almost $900.

Fast forward to the middle of last month, Google disabled the ads on my site stating that it violated their terms of use… which I get… some of the pictures are not completely child friendly, but there is no nudity. So, I tried removing a nice chunk of the pictures on my site that I thought Google might disagree with. The result was about 600 out of about 2000 pictures being deleted. I asked Google to reevaluate my site afterwards but they say it’s still against their terms of use.

So, I’m stuck and I’m not sure what to do. Last month I had 63k unique visitors who viewed 1,650,000 pages. I tried a few different other ad sites but as I’m sure most will say, nothing compares to google. The best thing I’ve found so far is switch ads and I’m earning about 1.70 a day with them.

Basically, I’m just looking for some direction where to go from here. My traffic continues to grow each month. Most of my traffic comes from search engines and I’m not paying for any advertising. I’m contemplating removing all pictures from my website which would probably cut my traffic into half - this way, I’m thinking Google with let me use their ads again. My other option I guess is to keep with switch ads and hope that the revenue increases over time.

What do you guys think?

It’s very difficult for us to answer this question, as we have no way of knowing what content is causing the problem. The only realistic suggestion I can make is that you review the terms of service line by line, and check your content against each of the items. That will be difficult, because the terms are sometimes a little vague, and often ambiguous. But do your best to study it in detail, and remove any content that might possibly be causing offence.

Once you have done that, it’s important to replace the removed content with something new. If you don’t, the site will just shrink down to the point where it will stop attracting visitors.

Keep in mind that the problem might not be caused by the content of the site. There are other reasons for ads to be disabled. For example, Google might suspect that you are generating invalid clicks (clicking on your own ads, or encouraging your friends to do likewise).

Last point: There’s probably not much point in switching to a different ad network at this stage. As you have already discovered, your income is likely to be small compared to what AdSense can offer. And in any case, if Google objects to your site in some way, the chances are that other networks will do so too.


I would try experimenting with some other ad sites. I think Yahoo do a pretty good one which you can get in only by application. Might be worth a try?

According to my observation Google has very powerful monitoring system. In my experience i have read only one time on a blog that Google adsense re-instantiated the one publisher’s account

There are many reasons to got banned from Adsense.

  1. Copy content.
  2. Harmful link
  3. Wrong ad placement
  4. Use traffic exchange sites
  5. Drive lot’s of traffic
  6. Click on own ad or inspire someone to click on your ad

Besides there are many reasons. However, you better use buysell ad if you have enough traffic.

hey, I also think it might be fake clicks that are cause of this

Instead of guessing as to what may or may not have caused the initial problem with AdSense, please confine further answers to the OP’s actual question: