Anyone still making good money with popup

just wondering if anyone is making good money with pop up/under nowadays?

what networks are you using? please post the best pop up/under networks here

Pops are working very well form me. I use them very carefully though. No more than 1 per page and not spammy offers.

Yep, I still use popunders with CPM banner ads on my gaming website. Popunders does contribute a nice bit to the total revenue each month.

use cpc

I too would be interested, I think that now not so much popup networks

I think that pop ups and pop unders are good way for earning, but in long term, you will just loose your loyal visitors.

On every 20th of each month do you get the payment for previous month? If so, your network/program have really good conditions.

I believe usually payout terms are net30 minimum.

yes, PPV is the new PPC

I get paid on every 20th of each month from my affiliate program. They have always maintained the date of payment till now and i expect the same in near future!

Sorry, have not been for a while here. I totally understand you.

What irritates me about networks sometimes is the payment terms. All these net60, net45, net30 rules. I sure understand that they need to get money from advertisers first and only then send them to publishers, however this waiting period is not pleasant. Especially if you try a new network and you know that you will get your (may be really small bucks if the test fails) in a month or even later :slight_smile:

Nobody actually made a direct complaint about the adds, but i could see the amount of conversion was very low! Slowly it affected the traffic on my site as well. This was the main reason for me to switch from this to affiliate marketing.

Did you customers complain about ads? Did not they like the ads at all or the fact that the ads were not related to your site content at all?

Yes, pop-ups and pop-unders are still the most profitable ad size getting higher rates than banners for example (usually). However sure you should not overload the site with pop-ups, they irritate customers a lot.

As for networks, you can try Clicksor, CPX, Xtend, Casale and BurstMedia (it is more difficult to get approved by them). Find a list of networks on AdTech conference and contact the ones that may suit you.

I used to try them before but it doesn’t really convert well for me so i think no is the answer, at least for me.

Have you tried all these networks? If nothing works for you, then you should search for advertisers who would work directly with you without middle network companies and that would like to display ads on YOUR site. So try to find the companies that would sell products/services related to your site theme and contact them with suggestion about advertising.

So the problem may be not in using pop-unders, but in type of ads you displayed…

I think the problem too is that most of the networks are being a bit scammy. I remembered I was with (not quite sure of the domain) for half a year. They owed me 50 bucks and they just folded not answering any of my emails…

In my opinion, theres certainly better ways to monetize a website or a blog than those things

Yes, sometimes it is really difficult to get adequate support from network representatives, and that is so unpleasant.

I used it few years back but didn’t had a great experience with them. It is a little annoying form of advertising on the Internet. It was not an effective way to generate loyal customers for my site.

I switched on to Affiliate Marketing after that and i am making quite a descent amount after that.