Google Analytics vs Awstats?

Which do you prefer? Why?

Is there any real point in Google analytics?

Google Analytics is far more powerful in terms of what it can tell you than AWStats. The question is whether the extra information it gives you is useful and whether you have the time to work out what it means and taken any necessary action as a result. If you aren’t going to do that, it’s just navel gazing for the sake of it.

Personally, I don’t bother with GA although I’ve been tempted several times. Part of my bugbear with GA is the horrible hanging and lagging it often gives when you go to a page that is running it.

Neither is completely accurate and both count in different ways - so having both will give a far more accurate picture than using either one by itself.

For example Analytics completely ignores anyone with JavaScript turned off or who has decided to speed up their web browsing by blocking Analytics.

I don’t get the lagging that StevieD mentions because I have my computer set to not allow access to the Analytics script and so all web pages load without it. I don’t get counted in the Analytic stats for any site but then there’s no benefit to me if I were counted.

Thanks - it seems as though there’s no real benefit to using ga ?

It depends on the nature of your site and what you’re trying to achieve.

GA can give you data on what route people take through your site, which other packages like AWS don’t. That may be helpful to you, or it may not. If you are worried that people are not always taking an ‘optimal’ path, this kind of detail can sometimes help you to pick up on why people are going a different way.

Many thanks - will research this some more :slight_smile:

Some days the script loads fine, other days it takes quite a while. If you end up using GA, the best approach to avoid the occasional hang time is to put the script tag for the GA script at the bottom of your HTML document–that way, everything on your page loads first and isn’t wanting on a slow-loading script in your <head>.

I personally use both together i find they provide all the information that i require,if i was to choose just one i would go for awstats.

Choosing one, Google Analytics all day. Plug it in and let your marketing department worry about conversion tracking, ROI, and other annoyances you don’t want to deal with as a programmer. :wink:

I go with Google analytics. One feature I like: it is easy to seen by other ( without giving ftp accounts ).
Also I’m not using Awstats on my server because they use resources. :wink:

Google Analytics would be preferable.This would be the way that makes the Google to view your site and supposed to prefer your site to be the number one traffic source.
In order to track the user and goals of your site AW stats would let the information as this is a driven information directly from the server on every load regardless of time on site.

In my opinion, GA and Awstats are very different with regards to utilization and features. As far as I know, AWstats is ideal for network administrators and Google Analytics is perfectly ideal for online marketers and analysts whose main focus is internet marketing. Statistics that AWstats supplies are solely intended to convey the website’s overall performance while GA is a program that will show you the reasons as well as the interaction of the website visitors in your site. So, what I would recommend is work with Google Analytics if you would like to learn more about what’s happening with your website so that you’ll know how you will improve it that might help elevate earnings whilst still running Awstats to know your website’s efficiency.