Analytics & Statscounter

Whats is the main difference Bet. Google Analytic and stats counter?. I have created both for my site. but is shows different traffic results.

Yes they show different traffic result… I prefer Google analytics. Statcounter is good to track the path of visitors because it shows all the pages visited by a visitor.

There are all sorts of different stats packages out there. Each of them measures slightly different things in a slightly different way. It’s up to you to decide which one meets your needs best.

Numbers in one package won’t be directly comparable with those in another package, because they will collect the data using a different method. So while you can compare GA data from one month to the next, and SC data from one month to the next, it’s meaningless to compare GA data from one month with SC data from another.

well all these tools which are used for analysis are not 100% accurate. They are just estimations

Google analytics is tracking tool provided by Google to analyze website’s performance.

Stat counter is also another third party tracking tool to analyze website’s performance.

I have never used statcounter, so I am not sure whether it has all feature that GA has got.

Google Analytics is completely free Wen Analytics too but Statcounter free program has some limitation (Like Database of only 500 recent users).

The main difference between Google Analytics and Statcounter

  1. Google Analytics doesn’t provide individual user data. You have no idea of IP address of an individual. Statcounter provides you IP and activity of individual users.

  2. Google Analytics provides Adwords and other campaign tracking in detail and Statcounter doesn’t. Using Google Analytics, you can actually see the return of your multiple campaigns.

  3. If you’re using Adsense in your website, Google Analytics is very useful here. You’ll have the idea of which pages or visits from keywords are generating more clicks.

  4. Google Analytics provides internal E-commerce tracking. So if you’re selling something in your website, it’ll let you know some crazy details.

  5. Statcounter is a real time service but Google Analytics isn’t.

In short, Start using Google Analytics! After some practices, you’ll be well versed.
If you’re looking for some real time tool and individual details, Go for Clicky.