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Please any body tell current Google Algorithm and also how to improve our keywords in top position for major search engines.


Algorithm + Trillions of Web Pages + ? = Profit?

No one knows the Google Algorithm, and even if they told any of us without a PhD in Maths no one here would understand it. Google aren’t going to reveal their algorithm to anyone, in the same way that KFC won’t reveal the secrets to their chicken.

Please any body tell current and also how to improve our keywords in top position for major search engines.

In short, the only real way to do this is to create web pages that are better than your competitors. This way, your users will support your web page through linking to it and you’ll organically overtake your competitors for key keyword phrases.

If you want to find out more check the stickies in the SEO forum.

Does anyone really know what the best techniques are, I have a few sites and I tried logical approaches with each, got to number one with things like best 3D TV, which is really competitive, but can’t seem to figure out why! Less than 50 backlinks, 0 pagerank, very weird!

Apart from the fact that Google don’t tell anyone what their algorithm is, they also change it on a frequent basis and so if you did get hold of it then by the time you could understand it they would have changed it.

No one knows exactly what is Google’s current algorithm. We just need to follow white hat methods so as not to get hit by penalties (Panda update), etc.

Best not concentrate on Google’s algorithms - better to concentrate on creating a unique and interesting website with great information and relevant links.

I couldn’t agree more. It would be like trying to know how many sands are there in the seashore all over the world-just plain useless. It would be a lot better to just invest your time and attention and effort on stuff that would make you dominate the SERPs despite all the competitions. Everyone knows this!

As previously stated, no one knows their algorithm. Just focus on building quality backlinks and keyword rich content.

Google Algorithms are highly confidential and they can not be known. Google only releases(for webmasters) the ways and steps to be followed to get a better ranking on their SERP.

difficult to understand google algo.
but some tips to come on top is link building from relevant resources.

No one can tell exact google algorithms. We just follow search engine guide lines.White hat seo is very important technique we should follow. create unique content. its the main thing in your site.

I recommend you to copy your competitors and how to get competitors just use your desired keyword in google and check first ten result i am sure you will find your competitor.


Indeed, no one knows. No need to speculate :slight_smile:

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I agree with above post , no one really know their algorithm,
Keep trying :slight_smile: !