Need to rank #1 on particular keywords

Hi just wondering if I can pick up some direction from here.

I am on a mission to help a friends business get to #1 in google on certain keywords.
So far I have read a few articles on google, from sticky threads above.

ANy guidance where to start and get the ball rolling? I am wondering through the threads hoping to find a small
guide as to what IT IS that i actually need to do.
and hopefully how long it takes.
there are some god awful SEO companies out there who say they can get this done within a week but if you pay them £300 a month (whatever)

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

You are asking an impossible question. Just think about it. If anyone knew a formula for achieving #1, we all would all be doing it, and we’d all be at #1, so there’s be no point in doing it.

Just concentrate on developing the best possible site. If the site is good, and people are interested in the subject, it will reach a good position in the search results.


Agreed. It’s a very generic question, which we’ve discussed at great length on many occasions. The best thing to do is to read old threads and the ‘stickies’ at the top of the forum (again). If you’ve got any specific questions we’ll be happy to try to answer them, but you need to give us more to work with!