I found a keyword - tell me your oppinion please

I found some kind of keyword that has over 1830000 searches on internet and it had only one website as competition on google. I have checked it with Micro Niche Finder and with Market Samurai and they both gaved me extremly good results.
The keyword is “battlefield 4”. I made a website and ried to optimize it for this keyword but seems the results are not so great.
What is your oppinion and what could you recommand me to do to rise a website?

Thank you.

Continue the optimization methods, it takes time to optimize the website. SEO could not be done in one day because google takes to crall the links

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Thank you for answer. Still waiting some more oppinions because you know “more brains work better then a single one”. :wink:

What are you actually trying to achieve? Why do you want to create a site simply so that it ranks high in Google? If you have some good reason for doing this, it would be interesting to know what it is. But creating a site simply to get traffic for some obscure keyword seems completely pointless.



I agree wholeheartedly.

In this case, it appears to be even more misguided, because whatever some keyword analysis software may have said, a very quick check with an Internet search shows huge numbers of results - and why wouldn’t it? Apparently, it’s a popular game and your site will need to be something really special to compete.

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Building a site around a keyword? Wow. Create websites about “what you know”, not on a highly competitive keyword where the site will never rank…and if it ever did, then what? Huge bounce rate because the site isn’t what they’re looking for.


Thank you. I will do so.

Agreed with SearchBliss, don’t get too much into one keyword because you will bounce you right in the face. You need to do some good valuable content and some wide spread keyword campaign (and by wide spread I mean, differentiate kw as much as you can)

I totally agree with the others. Your meta tags should be related to the content of your website. There is nothing so annoying, then looking for something to come on a website that has nothing to do with it. Just make sure your website has good content and meta tags that are related to it.

Thank you. i will do so.

there are 153,000,000 results. you will Never make it to page 1

Hi mennowijnen,

My Opinion is instead of targeting irrelevant keyword you can target keywords in your niche. so that the conversion rate will increase. if you follow the keywords for which your site appearing, you will get good traffic but not potential customers. and pls be precise about your niche.

keyword is “battlefield 4 5ef7ffff” it is an error from battlefield, but now it it oversaturated. When i found it there were only 1 website as competition using that keyword, now are thousands hehe :slight_smile:

I’m sure that thousands of new sites haven’t suddently appeared in Google’s index. More likely there was some temporary quirk in the ranking algorithm. It’s one more reminder never to attach any signficance to the results you see from doing test searches.


Have patience . Results would certainly come. But SEO is such a concept where results are going to come after some time.

Thank you verry much Mike, Iptendrin. I will continue making backlinks and also hope i will have some results sometime.

Remember that the point of backlinks is that others have linked to your content because they’ve found it to be relevant and useful. If you do the linking yourself, it’s fake, and Google is too smart for that. Spend your time doing something useful, like adding great content, or exploring legitimate marketing avenues.

thank you, i’ll do that. already modified all content and added unique content related to the keyword.