Google Algorithm Changes 1998- 2012 [Infographic]

With Google changing their algorithm more than 400 times every year, it is quite useful to analyze all past updates and implement them in your current internet marketing strategy. Hope you find it useful:

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This is a very impressive graphic. Perhaps you should give some acknowledgement to whoever it was who created it.


you mean, in addition to giving the link to the web site where he got it from?

To everyone who wants to view the original infographic and [URL=“”]all sources used in its creation, please visit those links.

I reposted it on my website with links to the original source. I also added 2 more links for all sources. I think this is enough :slight_smile: I dont want to spam this website :slight_smile:


Yes, that’s exactly what I meant. I was thinking of the person or company’s name. But the link is good as well.


actually, it’s his own :wink:


Ohh! I viewed the site on Firefox, and I find it awesome that the image zooms in when I hover my mouse on it. Call me a simpleton, but I do think it’s cool. Anyway, the infographic is awesome, and I bet the tube’s gonna be a lot longer in the near future.

That is an amazing infographic, thanks for sharing. Gets me thinking what this info graphic will look like in another decade.