Good User Interface for SSG's?

I just started learning about creating websites with a static site generator using Gatsby/Github/Netlify. You need to be a developer to effectively use these tools. But after the website is created you also need to have a way for a non-technical person to add and edit site content. Is a headless CMS supposed to provide this user interface or is there something else? Thanks.

A CMS without an interface to allow content authors to post data isn’t a CMS

At risk of exposing my ignorance :blush:

The word “head” is used in different web dev contexts so I could be confused some but AFAIK headless here means either certain HTTP headers are absent, or API only and no client-side UI

In other words typical browser requests won’t work.

I have no statistical data but I have a feeling a good number of technical persons struggle with using APIs let alone non-technical persons.

I’m guessing this CMS (which I agree with DaveMaxwell doesn’t meet my definition of a CMS) requires a dev to put together their own front-end to work with the API if they so choose to do so.

A wiseguy huh? j/k :wink:

Yes, I don’t imagine many non-devs would be familiar with using a CLI

AFAIK the CLI generates [builds] the website, and React is used for UI (Gatsby, Netlify) or Jekyll HTML templates (Github)

IMHO tools such as these are best when the work is going to be done often or with a team. In other words, if you are putting together only a site or three by yourself the learning curve probably isn’t worth the effort.

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