Hey there,

I am a currently a front-end designer but I am about to embark on some in-depth back-end design for a client. I am ok with technologies like PHP, MYSQL etc but I realized that I have not taken into account how to client will update the content on his site. The site will be an online store and my question is what kind of methods are designers using at the moment to allow for easy content management of such a site? What kind of interfaces and what programming languages are they mostly developed in?



You can build one yourself, but it’s a fair job, so most people (especially front-enders, so to speak) use ‘out of the box’ CMSs. There are lots of them, the majority made with PHP/MySQL. Some are free, some cost money. Some are specially designed for ecommerce, and it sounds like that’s what you need in this case. Examples include Magento and [URL=“”]osCommerce.

If you want an easier ride, you could build either a static site or a more general CMS and link to a third party cart like FastSpring, but it sounds like this is not what’s needed here.

Hey thanks Ralph,

I’ll check those out :slight_smile: