Golden Post

You may have noticed that occasionally I award a free book to someone that makes a really deserving post - a golden post, as we call it around here.

Well, @r937; has been nominated by @Shyflower; for just such an award for this post. Nice work Rudy. I don’t need to tell you to keep up the good work, because you’ve been doing it for longer than I’ve been around!

Nice work, Rudy. It was indeed a simple but inspiring post. :slight_smile:

Congratulations Rudy

Congratulations. I hear SitePoint has a good SQL book you might be interested in if you’re wondering which book to get :wink:

Congratulations Rudy

Congratulations, Rudy. Great initiative. :slight_smile:

I’m happy to see this happening and it’s so very nice of @ScallioXTX ; to help out with recommending a book for Rudy. :lol:

This is my chance to say, “Thanks for posting that great thread Rudy”!

Hi Rudy,

As you know I’ve recommended the book SIMPLY SQL to a number of Sitepointers asking about good books… I can’t remember the author but it is pretty great if you’re just getting your feet wet in SQL (Structure Query Language) scripting and DB (Database) design.

What a deserving book award!



It’s some guy called Rudy … :wink:

congratz Rudi