Congrats r937 - Community Awards

A fond congratulation goes to r937 for his Sitepoint Community Awards! You are a tireless champion with us all and I can’t thank you enough for all the help you have given over the many years!

Absolutely. Well stated.
As with any organization (particularly volunteer) there is always a very small, core, group of people who provide a huge amount of effort; taking the success of the project ‘personally’.
Sitepoint is no different in that we have a core group of dedicated and highly active members (staff, volunteers, mentors, et cetera) who appear tireless.

Hats off to them all.

Well deserved rudy! I’d be a database idiot without your help and your book!

thanks guys

i gotta admit, the reasons i keep coming back to answer database questions at sitepoint include because the database questions are usually web-related, and because the people here ask really good, intelligent database questions

Thanks Rudy for all your effort and yep, you know that the award is well reserved. I know that you have no false modesty and that’s a real relief! you’re our SQL champion :smiley:

Here’s another “attaboy” for r937, and thanks for sharing your knowledge!!