JQuery Book?

Is this you guys:



jQuery is an easy to use JavaScript library, so if you’re just raring to go there’s really no huge need to first read a book. However, I find that even once you get a bit of time with a tool it almost always pays to check out a few books and see different ways of how the tool can be applied.

Seems it is (it just hasn’t been released yet)…

According to Amazon UK the release date is around 1st Feb

Just got the word through amazon’s newsletter. I will be buying it.


Does anyone at sitepoint really know when this book is out. Its been on the verge of release for months now.

We have a small budget for some books and I am holding out for this one. If its not anytime soon I may just buy another one. Got to start leariong jquery soon.

Did you see this other thread at the top of the forum?

AFAIK the delay is because it’s still being printed.

I have read it and it does not explain anything.

I would rather hear the release date from someone at Sitepoint considering it is a sitepoint book.


I love most (but not all) sitepoint books. Cannot wait to read this.

It is so close that we can smell the printers’ ink. I’ll ask one of the book team to drop by with a more definite answer. :slight_smile:

Also: merged the duplicate threads (please, guys, read the list of threads before posting)

23rd of this month – and the great news is we’ve been able to accommodate the jQuery 1.4 release.

just got mine in the post today :slight_smile: