GMail question


I broke down and signed up for a G-mail account but am frustrated because it lumps my original e-mail to someone and all of the responses back and forth together?!

How do I change my G-mail account so my inbox just has one e-mail per line if that makes sense?!



I HATE that too!

For me, I set up my G-Mail account to be checked through Thunderbird (along with my other e-mail addresses) so that has gotten around it.


I gotta take off for a couple days, but I know yahoo/gmail both allow POP access and you can get a desktop email prog for free. Best of luck!


I haven't looked into it for years, just search on "free email" I guess.

I'd seriously look into setting up a desktop client and just POP accessing your yahoo/gmail acc'ts. That way, when you're at home, you don't need to log in or read those obnoxious ads - but if you choose to leave a copy on their server as well, you can still access all of your mails from anywhere with web access.


All I can say is give yahoo or something a go. Their interface is more intuitive to me. Any interface will take some getting used to.

I use a web based acc't and access with a desktop program.
You can have all your mail from your Gmail automatically forwarded to another acc't.

Lot's of options my friend, and now you have access to tonnes of other Google stuff that you might find incredibly useful!


I used Yahoo most of my adult life, but find there website and company culture has changed and really turns me off.

Yahoo is all about advertising and reads like a tabloid/reality show. (I find all of there "How to improve your love life" articles and pictures that they sneak in to the news section and homepage very immature and offensive.)

I also don't like Google's plans for word-domination but figured I would give them a try.

Maybe there is another less obnoxious free choice?



"You get what you pay for!"

Apparently with G-mail, that is a big pile of cr*p!! :mad:



yeah... i love this feature too. i have 1 email (356 lines).... wink


Yes I too love this feature. Instead of:

Sent to:
Reply from:
Sent to:
Reply from:
Sent to:
Reply from:

I have:

1 Email (36)


It's Gmail's way of doing things, in "conversations". I quite like it, as it means there are fewer rows in the inbox. When you get a new email, if it's a part of the conversation, the row is highlighted as "new" in the inbox and if you open it, only the new message is shown, but there are tabs above it you can click if you want to see the previous messages in the conversation. It takes a bit of getting used to, but I think it's pretty neat.


I quite like it too actually.
It did take some getting used to though, and it is such a non-standard and enforced mail rule that's strictly to make Google look unique it seems. If you wanna try so hard to create a pseudo-monopoly, a staunch "no, you're wrong, just get used to it" attitude is a luxury you've kinda given up if you ask me.


You can't. It's a big complaint, you are not alone. Google recommends that you access your acc't with a free email client last I heard.
You can suggest that they implement an ability to change conversation view


** Re-writing my original post to be clearer **

I finally got a G-mail account but have been unhappy how Google formats things.

When I send an e-mail and someone replies, the response is nested in the original e-mail and it is REALLY HARD TO READ.

When I open an e-mail I see...

Jane - Re: Original Message Jun 4
Tom - Re: Re: Original Message Jun 6
Jane - Re: Re: Re: Original Message Jun 7

Tom to Jane

Thanks again for the link!!

Tom Tees


How do I shut all that crap off so when I open an e-mail I JUST see...

From: Jane
To: Tom
Date: 6/12/2010
Re: Your Message


Just responding to your message.