I have an account at new yahoo mail. Sometimes it makes some trouble. It don’t open properly.
I am using edge modem & it is very slow. Now i want to comeback classical yahoo mail. Anybody can tell me, How can I comeback my classical yahoo mail?

AFAIK the classic view has been permantly axed.

Try them instructions to access your emails via an external program

It seems to be working fine in Chrome and Firefox.

What browser(s) are you using to access it?

Have just tried my yahoo account using FF hre in the UK and everything works just fine and without glitches but the interesting thing is that after i have entered yahoo mail its showing the ‘classic blue mail’ account as it use to before they appeared to have chnaged it but this has only just started to appear the old classic layout in the last few days or so.

I am slightly baffled as to why this happened but i have to admit i did like the old classic look,i did clear my computer cache out about a week agao so that may have accounted for the change but it appears to be working just fine this end.