Too many email accounts!

I am running a number of different websites - some very active, some less so - and am about to set up another 20+. My problem is organising email correspondence.

My thunderbird folders are massive!. I have just one email account I check for each website, but 100’s of folders within each one. I feel I am losing control and just wondered how other people cope.

I need immediate notification of some arrivals (notably, sales alerts & voicemails from my shops) so I’d like to keep them on my desktop. I’m wondering about using webmail for some of the less time-sensitive stuff.

I am about to setup some projects with a partner and we’d like to ‘share’ all correspondence.

Does anyone have a magic solution??

… and apologies if this is the wrong forum, couldn’t see a better fit

I was in a similar situation (though not quite so massive!) and I switched to using Google Apps (GMail). It’s great. Emails don’t go via my web hosting any more but go through Google’s servers. I now have one inbox, with all my emails for various sites coming to one inbox. I can reply from the email address to which the email was sent in each case. You can also have accounts and email addresses for other employees, too, if you need to. And GMail has fantastic search features, too, so you can easily find emails without having to create lots of folders/tags etc. And of course, you can check the emails from anywhere, which is handy.

You can still download them to Thunderbird, of course, but I hardly bother any more.

Gmail is the best for that because in gmail you can assure that your mail is secured. Unlike yahoo your mail is not secured because lots if spammers can get in through your yahoomail. I experience last month that my yahoo mail is been hacked so I decided to change my email to gmail. Also hotmail is also good and microsoft outlook.

GMail can also be compromised, but they do have some nice security features. You can set which computers are allowed to access the account etc. I am still refining my settings on those things.

Gmail accounts are secured but Gmail limits you to make accounts by verifying phone number. So you should use Yahoo when you need so many accounts.