Your favorite feature of GMail?

It is hard to deny that Gmail has taken the world by storm.
I am proud of the fact that I was among the ‘early adopters’. I love Gmail and have difficulty describing all the features that make it great (it continues to evolve).

What is your single favorite feature of GMail?

{I suspect, we all will learn new features as a result of the responses here}

gmail rocks!! its like my internet buddy…i like its chat features, the video call is really clear, the spam filter works great, can attached up to 20 or 25 MB files (i forgot the exact maximum limit), gbuzz, labels, and a lot more…im pretty much using all the features of gmail…

I like gmail docs

The key part here: “Eventuually (after a few minutes)” That’s how my friends kid reacts to new undiscovered things. He gets mad, has a tantrum then throws it away. Things take more than a few minutes to learn to use, especially when it is Google and they are constantly expanding the features.

I do use it but not through that bloated and slow web interface instead I get Thunderbird to bypass that scripting nonsense, which saves me quite a bit of time and bandwidth…

The crappy code masquerading as JavaScript that told me that none of my browsers was supported (since it was testing the useragent field and couldn’t find what it thought should be there).

Also that it sent ALL emails straight into the spam folder so that I didn’t have to waste any time reading or answering emails.

Eventuually (after a few minutes) I decided that I did need to be able to read and answer emails and so GMail got junked and I switched back to using an email system that actually works.

I always like Yahoo Mail better :slight_smile:

Don’t you think that Yahoo Mail looks more pleasant thant Gmail?

I like sharing of documents. It is very easy for me to discuss certain spreadsheets.

I’m with AD7863, I get maybe 2 spams in my inbox a year, flippin’ sweet.

Searching is quick and easy, seems obvious, but if you use Google Calendar, you know that just because it says Google, quality searching is not a given.

Filters, the ability to have multiple addresses go to one place…nothing groundbreaking, just well done.

My really short username, it’s gotten me a lot of spam (it’s obvious) but it’s worth it just to proclaim I own the Google ID “AlexUK” - VERY early adopter here. :smiley:

I love it’s spam filter capabilities.

yeah dude gmail rocks and ym is

NOT the feature that recently informed me that my preferred interface was going byebye in September and I’ll be reduced to html view. I’m pretty pissed.

I usually use gmail at work… what i like about it most is that it is easy to scroll and use… plus i often or not received any spam messages… I can even use the task reminder so I can manage my time well.

I agree, Alex.
I am a proud member of that group too. On numerous Email systems and forums (including Sitepoint) I have the same, short, username.
It seems to be a ‘badge of honor’ nowadays if your username does NOT include numbers (ie RichardNixon523).

I am a regular user of gmail although it is slow but I like its document feature the most.

I am a regular user for G mail, and like every one the thing fascinates me in Google is its ability of spam filter.

I like gmail (video and voice) chat. It is very easy for me.