GitHub vs. Beanstalk

I’ve been developing for a long time now, but I’ve never used version control ( :eek:…I know…). I’ve been reading up on Git and plan to start using that, but I’m not sure what service would be best to use to go along with this. I know GitHub is very popular, but Beanstalk looks very nice as well.

What would be the reasons to choose one over the other for a small team (3-5 people) working on a few private, web-based projects?

GitHub is nice, but pricey if you want a private repository. At my office we tend to just host our own on one of our servers.

Well the cost isn’t a concern for me, all I would need is the $12/mo from GitHub or $15/mo from Beanstalk. I’d rather do that then mess with hosting my own.