Cheap provider or DIY Hosting

Hi all,
I am starting a new non-profit business that is going to support students creating applications.
Money is very limited, if not non existent.

Students will be creating web sites and applications.

I want to create an environment where the will have local, and production environments.

I also want them to be able to use any technology they want to learn.

Is there a very cheap host that will allow this sort of thing or is the best solution to build my own web server that will allow this?

To clarify, I want students to be able to choose to build a website using PHP, mySQL, Python with Cassandra or ASP.Net with SQL Server.

I’ve never worked with ASP.Net, but I think you’ll require an MS server for that, whereas PHP will run on Linux, which is generally cheaper. (And you should be using mySQLi, not mySQL, but perhaps that was just a typo.) So finding a single hosting solution may not be easy.

Would be of any use to you?

Would they need to be able to publish content to the internet for public consumption, or would something available internal to the training environment be suitable?

They will need both.

Public because they will be creating basic sites for real clients.

Internal for testing before deployment.

The github looks good for them to create their oen blogs with ty.

Don’t forget that github does not allow php to be used.

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