Source Control solutions for small team

We currently have a team of 3 developers for two medium sized e-commerce sites. (I am the third and was recently added). We are considering implementing a source control system. There is the possibility that our team will grow to 6 developers or so within the next 5 years and we’d like to have something in place before we add anyone else.

That said, what would you all recommend as far as solutions for a team this size which integrate well with .Net?

Same as source control for big teams really – you probably want to go with either git or mercurial (hg) probably hosted somewhere offsite. Lots of nuanced reasons for choosing one over the other but in reality they mostly don’t matter outside of some very narrow cases. Anyhow, I’d generally say HG is slightly better on Windows and with Visual Studio as of today, and the hosting scenario is a lot cheaper for private repositories, so I’d probably run with HG and for hosting.

We use git. And it works very well. We use it on our .net projects as well as iOS and Android projects. I have not had any issues with it. You just want to make sure your .gitignore file is setup correctly if you do go with git

Thanks for the suggestions! I will check those out and make a recommendation.