Git origin issues

I committed and pushed my Webstorm project to github a while ago. Today, I moved my project from Webstorm to IntelliJ. Then the project wasn’t showing so I reverted from local history. Now that the project is showing, It’s acting as if is there no git repo for it. How do I pull that up?

Did you copy the files to a new directory when moving from web storm to intelliji?

If so, you may have missed to copy the .git file also, because it is a hidden file.

Ohh. No I just right clicked the project from webstorm to refactor to move directory to directory for IntelliJ. After I did that, invalid vcs came up in webstorm but then came up again in IntelliJ. When I reverted to old version, it was showing as if it wanted me to add to GitHub. Like there was no version history. Then I went to vcs configure and clicked the unrevised file or something like that. Then it showed it as a master but it didn’t show the initial commit so I think it created a new repo for it but not the same as the one on GitHub.

Do you still have a copy of the last working version in web storm? If so, make a copy of the whole folder and be sure to copy all hidden files also!. After that open intelliji and just use “New Project from existing Sources” and choose this folder. This should work fine

the thing is the last working version is the one that showing up that way without the origin or initial commit

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