VCS/Git Confusion?

Hey all, I was reading an article about using a vcs vs. ftp. It all makes sense to start having a VCS, but im just sort of confused about the concept and getting started with it. Could someone give a sort of example of a workflow that includes developing and deploying using a VCS and github?

Indeed it can be quite confusing at first. This is a nice site that explains it:

I can also recommend the Pro Git book for a thorough understanding of Git. You can read this book for free online.

Thanks! That helped me getting started…sorta.
I’m really trying to figure this out, but i dont really understand the process of sycing things with Github.
I load up Git and enter

git init [projectname]

then i change the directory
This makes a folder that i’m supposed to edit to put on github right?
I want to sync my existing project to github. So i drag my project folder onto the new one that i created with the init command.
Then in the bash, i enter

git add [foldername]

and then i check it with

git status

I then enter

git commit

and the window turns into a vim editor and i have no idea what i’m doing!
Could i get some help please?

I highly recommend reading this: