Gif button edges white

Try as I may, I can’t seem to lose some white pixels around the edges of buttons that are supposed to have a transparent background made in Photoshop CS3. Any suggestions about how to clean this up?

I’m talking about the social media buttons over an agricultural background here:

It is very difficult (I’d say nearly impossible) to get “clean” edges on transparent gifs, unless it has straight edges. PNG-24 works better for transparency, and it includes alpha transparency which I like very much.

If you want to stick with a .gif, I suggest creating a small stroke around your transparent image that is as close to your background color as possible. The edges will be colored, but at least it will blend into the background and won’t look out of place.

Oh, I forgot to mention that if you go with the transparent .png - which might work better for you since your buttons are overlaid on top of a multi-color image - and you care about how it looks in IE6 you will need this .HTC fix. Otherwise your transparency will turn into sea-green opaque fill in IE6.

Many thanks. I have changed the images to PNG-24. They look much better. I think I’ll pass on IE6.

Good man :smiley:
From the browser stats I see IE6 starting to finally drop below 10%
Time to start phasing it out.
Although I still add a simple hack for transparent images using TwinHelix or DD_belatedPNG to my websites (using conditional comments), just because PNG-24 in IE6 makes the website look like it’s broken.

there is a option for matte color in gif. i think using background color same as matte color will solve the gif white bg issue. am i correct on this coz i have never experimented it in my works. i use png.