Supporting transparent background


I had a client send me a screen shot of their website a viewer took, and the images I have which are GIF on a transparent background are appearing on a light-blue background (where it should be transparent).

Do some really old browsers not support transparent images ? (it was in IE but not sure what version). Or is it a setting or a computer graphics issue?

Thanks in advance.

IE6 does not play nice with transparency, althoughGIF’s are better supported than PNG’s. What tbis could be is a very ugly border issue, that you frequently get if your image has effects applied to it, such as drop shadows.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Everything you can do with a GIF you can do with a PNG, besides animation - and yes, that applies to IE6. PNG supports 8-bit images like GIF, which means it also supports 1-bit transparency, which is fully supported in IE6. It’s the 8-bit transparency (aka. alpha transparency) that IE6 doesn’t support.

There is a fix for IE6 that enables displaying transparent PNGs.
Just type “ie6 png fix” in Google.

Yeah, there is the trusty old IEPNGFIX, but personally I don’t like using this hack unless I absolutely positively have to…