Getting Started with eZ Platform on Vagrant

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Last year, I had a somewhat negative experience with installing eZ Publish on a Vagrant box. Since then, they’ve significantly improved both the software and the VM-friendliness by, well, flat out removing the legacy stack. The VM setup we’ll be using in this tutorial comes from the labs of NetGen and the mind of @vranac, and is followed by the installation procedure on our very own Homestead Improved modified by yours truly.

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Note: the new eZ system, now called eZ Platform, is still in deep alpha mode and doesn’t really contain all the features of the old one yet. In fact, if you want to do any kind of serious content management and modification, you need to add the legacy stack into the mix, the process of which is described here.

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Just to note that full credit for Vagrant/Ansible box goes to:

Great experts and great guys :smile:

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