Update to old Vagrant help?

I was introduced to Vagrant via Sitepoint through this article. It was a gift. At the time, I got really comfortable running a server for PHP development this way. My goal now is to pick PHP development back up. So looking at that article, I wondered if there is an updated version. I thought I found one at this location. I applied it to the instructions on that page and ran into some differences. One of the differences was I needed to add a key file. I thought this went smoothly. I was eventually able to ssh in the Vagrant box. However, I have never been able to load a page. I keep getting a “Your connection is not private” error.

I say all of that to ask, is there an updated version of the page I found years ago? Something that would guide you just like that one did?

More recent articles on Sitepoint now recommend using Docker over Vagrant.

Yep, docker has won that war.

Anyone remember this?

Half decade ago the website worked and made it really easy to provision a php environment.

I loved that back in the day and used it on many projects.

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