Generic humor sites, CPA and CPM ideas?

Long time web publisher here, who primarily deals in very specific niches with clear advertising/revenue generation options. It has been over a decade since I created or managed a content site that doesn’t have a clear, profitable advertising niche.

I would really appreciate any advice from people with experience in the generic humor/entertainment content space.

Currently using ValueClick and Google Adsense.

What other ad networks accept generic humor/entertainment sites?

Anyone have CPA recommendations? I’m assuming these would be online games and other virtual entertainment, like Zwinky crap or high quality experiences like Habbo hotel.

Thanks again for any help that can be provided.

As far as CPA goes, you’re right, “playful” offers would be best suited for the content. Games, quizzes, iPad/iPhone, and especially facebook layouts (i.e. PageRage).

Thanks LeadBoltBrian. Any advice as to which middle man to use? Does CJ have a good selection? That is the only CPA network I’ve ever used, but my account is long expired.

Take a stroll through a site like OfferVault. That’ll give you an idea of some of the offers out there and the corresponding networks.

All the major networks like CJ, Azoogle, etc. are good - just depends on what fits with your style. Maybe split-test a couple and see which convert best. Never hurts to date a couple at the same time :wink: