Any good CPA or CPM program?

Can you please suggest a CPA program that displays online games ads? Those that pey per registration, like travian…
Or any good program with good CPM rates, I run a humor site which is getting popular, and the only monetizing method I use is Adsense, but as I see, it’s not working too good on a humor site (pictures/videos).

PeerFly has over 70 CPA online gaming offers including [URL=“”]Travian. You might want to take a look and [URL=“”]join :slight_smile:

Thank you stickycarrots for your reply, I’ve browsed through peerfly and now I have some questions, if you could please answer me:

  1. This search query results in 73 offers, are all of them going to be rotated? As I can see, some of the offers are showing in 0% CR, I wouldn’t want low cr offers to be shown on my page, can I pick the ones to show/not?
  2. What are the payment methods?

Never mind the questions, I actually found the answers myself!
Thanks again, I applied to this network, I’ll give it a try…

If you have some original content (i.e. your videos) that is seeing a lot of attention, you might want to explore content locking techniques for CPA as well. It may or may not be applicable to your ultimate strategy, but we’ve had humor sites do quite well with locking. And gaming offers have only been the tip of the iceberg :wink:

Thank you for your reply LeadBoltBrian, unfortunately, the only original content we have are some demotivators and small amount of pictures, most funny videos come from youtube and failblog, but I’m very interested in reading more about your offer, please kindly share a link to your page! Thanks again everyone, waiting for more suggestions on how to monetize a humor site :slight_smile:

Good luck with your monetization exploration :slight_smile: Content unlocking takes a bit of testing to get the right formula with, but is an excellent tool for premium-type content.

Feel free to grab me via Skype/AIM LeadBoltBrian if you need any direct info.

Thank you, I will!

Now back to CPA programs, does anyone have any more suggestions, please share the programs you use

Good to hear! Let me know if you have any questions :slight_smile:

we have tons of gaming offers at Convert2Media

Try peerfly.This CPA network has lots of niche offers and I hope you will also find a suitable one.

DMediaPower, they offer weekly payments. :wink:

To add to this, there are some networks that are scammy or aim to not pay. I can confirm that I have been working with Peerfly for well over a year now and have receive payouts from them on time every month since I started with them.

A good top quality network.

Did you considered going into affiliate marketing. You just place affiliate links ( to games ) in your articles. Or you just make an add section on right / left of the content … and you advertise games that have your affiliate link on them.

No Fuss Media , has a ton of offers and actually are handing out free Google Adwords vouchers for joining!