eCommerce solutions - please share your experience

I have a bunch of clients who all use different versions of eCommerce web sites. Some are custom made. Some use osCommerce. Some use various flavors of VirtueMart on Joomla. Parts of this stuff don’t work with PHP 5 (imagine that!).

Maintaining all this zoo is a nightmare.

The idea was born to move all these clients to one most modern piece of open source software available. At least the maintenance would be bearable, plus supporting single type of store is times easier than getting around the zoo.

The must-haves: truly open source, nothing like “just two files are Zend encrypted”. LinkPoint payment available. Currently in development (so osCommerce doesn’t fit). Easy on server resources.

The should-haves: UPS shipping, SEO URLs, CSV or Excel import-export, order stats. Developed in PHP/mySQL.

The nice-haves: cute looking stats that you can understand from the first glance, fully implemented UPS shipping with their XML API (rates, shipping, labels), ability to support multiple languages, ability to support multiple sites.

I would prefer feedback from people who actually used whatever they will write about so that it will really be useful.


I currently use exclusively Magento Commerce for ecommerce. When starting my ecommerce business (side business besides web agency), I looked at every solution I could find. Magento is, in my opinion, superior. It’s free, open-source, should provide all of the features mentioned above, it’s easy to use and has a pretty admin panel.

The downside is that it’s quite complex and could be time-consuming if you’d ever want to develop your own extension or add new features. Luckily, there are loads of extensions out there already.

If I were to try another solution, I’d go for Interspire Shopping Cart. I’ve had nice experiences working with their products and it would be interesting to try it out.

Used Drupal’s Ubercart module for a project last year and while it works and may be easier to set up, it’s not nearly as good-looking, simple to use or feature-filled as Magento.

Magento Community Edition
Interspire Shopping Cart

huh? what do you mean osCommerce doesn’t fit. PM sent.

Leaving aside the shameless plug that you’ve sent :slight_smile: what I meant by “osCommerce doesn’t fit” is that the latest stable 2.2 branch (which is still release candidate 2 and requires 2 patches after install) was released on January 15, 2008. That’s over 2 years ago. Latest from branch 3.0 was the release of Alpha 5 on March 15, 2009 which is exactly a year ago - and it’s an alpha release which makes me reluctant to put it on production web site.

Do I even want to discuss the script that cannot create thumbnails of uploaded images for me automatically, out of the box, given that the year is 2010 already? No :slight_smile:

Even VirtueMart, being as slow as they are, have released final 1.1.4 in October last year. Plus, if you check their site, they are hiring new team for version 1.5, which makes me feel like the project is alive and well - at least for now.

We are looking at Magento as well, I want to have more flexibility in making the decision. However, judging by all the information I was able to gather so far, there are not that many choices.

Anybody got experience of interspire or Cube Cart?

[QUOTE=zealus;4529724]Leaving aside the shameless plug that you’ve sent :slight_smile: what I meant by "[QUOTE]

Oh man … now how am ever going to be able
to post …I’m all about the shameless plug? LOL :rofl:

So here is goes … as a webmaster, don’t you
also look at the business side of the deal?
If you’re out custom coding all these sites,
there’s a limit to how many you can build
each year.

And if there’s no passive, recurring income,
from the site, your income is automatically
limited by your available time / productivity.

There’s an old business saying; “the more
you turn, the more you earn” …so when
you look at solutions, you need to look at
turning customer projects into completed

The faster you can do this, the more you’ll
earn even if you charge less because you
used a “pre-canned” solution. Now throw
in a little lifetime recurring, passive income
and you’re moving into a new tax bracket. :cool:

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PHP5 issue is rather common for outdated software.

I suppose that you need not only shopping cart but ecommerce CMS system.

BTW, what kind of software you prefer self hosted or SaaS?

Let me know.

Have you tried any monthly ecommerce systems like bigcommerce and yahoo store.

They both have a great interface and the platforms are seo friendly.

No doubt - WebAsyst Shop-Script! I think it has all the features you need. I work with it for 2 years. This is a good ecommerce solution for me. Extra - skillful support team.

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