Selling Digital Goods Via Paypal

Hi everyone,

I am looking to sell some digital goods (.zip, .sit files etc…) and I want to use paypal to receive payments. Can someone recommend a good solution to sell digital goods and integrates with paypal? I have seen the list of third party solutions for processing digital goods but I just need help narrowing it down a bit. Also, is there an option to have paypal handle this directly? Finally are there any good & free solutions you’d recommend?

Eric it handles digital goods, it works with paypal and it’s free.

I’ve used in the past and they are pretty good.

Is it free?

Go take a look at the website for details. It’s been over a year since I sold digital products.

A few more questions about the recommended products. I went to the oscommerce and zen-cart site and they both seem to be shopping carts and I couldn’t find any info regarding just selling digital goods. I don’t need shopping cart software.

I just need something that allows me to ‘tell’ paypal what to allow the user to download. It would be nice if paypal could email a link for the user to download the file. I don’t particularly want a shopping cart because i dont want to edit the templates for each page. Also, I will be selling one product at a time.

Any recommendations that fit that criteria? If OSC or zen-cart do fit those criteria, could you show me where it says that on their site?

I also took a look at and it functions like what i need but it’s a bit pricey. they charge for storage space and i have plenty of space on my server and their pay scale changes depending on the sum of monthly transactions.

try dotwidget

its $29 but well worth it if you are doing a lot of downloadable sales

Here is the complete list although I don’t think they’ll bet the price of the one that gyutae posted.

I am considering e-junkie to handle this. It’s fairly cheap and they don’t charge per transaction.

Has anyone else used e-junkie to handle the selling of digital goods?

I second the dotwidget script. It’s very simple to install, designed for single item purchases, creates ‘copy and paste’ code for you and is cheap as chips. No ongoing fees, quite well supported and there’s also a 2-checkout version.

We used it on a site many many moons ago - it works well and we made a lot of money with it.

You might also check out

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The thing that turns me off about payloadz is the transaction limit. The transaction limit/storage space/monthly fee does not meet my needs.

If storage and data is an issue, then a stand alone script rather than a service is what you need - if you don’t feel comfortable installing a script yourself, you could get a developer to do it for you

if you want to have full control of your digital files inventory, downloads expiration, file security, order auto-fulfillment, etc. this may also work for ya, Digital Goods Seller from

Back when I used payloadz I hosted the files on my own server and they just acted as the go-between and sent out 24hr links to the files on my site.

Doesn’t look like you can do that anymore unfortunately.

Thanks for checking that out. It would be nice to host stuff on your own server but it doesn’t seem to be a popular option.

I used to use dotwidget until I found a big security hole in it which allowed free downloads. Reported the problem to Keith (I think that was the name - the owner of dotwidget) who confirmed the security hole did exist. This is around 18 months ago.

He was going to write a patch, but this hole hasn’t been fixed as far as I know.