Fresh text on your web site

I heard somewjhere that keeping your site updated regularly with new text tends to attract the search engines.

would an rss feed be likely to have the same effect?

Or would a blog attached toa site have the same effect?



As I understand it, search engines rate individual pages rather than sites, so refreshing content on a page regularly will improve the ranking of that page but not necessarily the site. So update the content regularly on the page that you want to rank well. Thus, having the blog main page as your home page is a good idea if it’s feasible. Otherwise, post news etc. about your company on the home page regularly.

What do you mean by “attract the search engines”? Do you mean get them to come and index your site? These days, getting your site into the index isn’t the problem, it’s ranking that’s the problem.

Fresh content is good for giving your site a boost in the rankings for topical news style subjects.

I’m not sure that updating content for the sake of rankings is a good idea. If news changes fast, then update your page/add a new page to reflect the changes. If there’s nothing to report, don’t change anything.

thanks, so do people feel an rss feed on say the index page is not going to be more effective in attracting search engines to the site?

Not particularly. If the home page is regularly updated with links to the new content, that will do a good job of enabling search spiders to keep up-to-date with your site.

In terms of updating your site attracting search spiders, I think it goes along these lines - if your site doesn’t change from one month to the next, spiders are going to realise that there’s not a lot of point in visiting it every couple of days, because there won’t be anything new. But if you have new content every day, they will keep coming back to see the latest news. That doesn’t necessarily mean you will rank any more highly, it just means that they will spot any changes on your site quicker.

I think it will have a slight factor to the search engines indicating the content regularly changes which could affect crawlrate moreso.

Most importantly what you have stated should definitely have a benefit to the people using your site :slight_smile:

With my sites - I try to change content on occasion however my primary focus is for the user and not google :slight_smile:

so i suppose my question is - if an rss feed is constantly putting new text on your site doesn’t tjhat mean google is more likely to visit more often?