Is this worth doing to enhance site profile for google?


I have a website with a blog. One of the main reasons for having a blog was so that the site was currently updated as I am aware Google gives websites a higher profile if they constantly updating the website. My question is, from what we know, is Google giving the individual page that is being updated a high profile or just the page it is on?

Because I want to make my index page which has nothing to do with the blog I felt it would be useful to put the latest blog on the index page first until a new blog comes out (the whole blog because they tend to be about 300 words long) then relplace it with the new one. The blog that used to be on the index page then goes in the blog this way the index page would be constantly updated. I am over egging the pudding here or would it be a good idea to put changing text on the index page too?


Nick Cassells

If your update Quality content on regular bases on your blog then it is good for your site any and have good chances to increase your Google Page Rank. I think you talking about Page rank! Right?? Page Rank is one kind of Quality score for your website it also help full for increase your SERP. So keep update your website will quality and unique content it will help you in all search engines.

Don’t changes your wall index page… just create any section on index page where you can Display your recent blog post… and keep updating your post in blog section.

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Im not bothered about page rank. i am just bothered about where it appears in Google. I guess what I am trying to say is i am aware that Google looks at individual pages and I want my index page to rank highly. So is it worth putting my latest blog on the index page (I would move it to the actual blog area once a new blog came out. Then the index page would be seen to be changing all the time?


If the articles are relevant to the keywords for which you are trying to get your index page ranked, then yes, having fresh content on that page is likely to help. If it’s a case of adding in a blog post that is only loosely connected, in the hope of improving your rankings, then I don’t think there’s any point. Search engines try to find the most relevant content for a search term, and old, relevant content is going to rank higher than new, less-relevant content.

Thanks technoBear

Yo, Technobear. What if I’m going to build an index page, and show some snippets of the blog posts there and create some links leading to those blog posts? Would that be considered as a way of taking advantage of Google’s freshness factor? I mean, people also like seeing new stuff on your front page, right? Would that method still have an issue with relevancy?

Google definitely gives points to the sites which are regularly updated, means fresh and informative content is added to the site, whether it is a snippet or a full page.

Well I’m not an expert on how Google works, but I would expect that the actual blog pages with the full articles would rank higher in the SERPs for the relevant keywords than the index page. If you’re putting the snippets on the index page because you think that will appeal to your visitors then you’re probably getting the best of both worlds. Regular visitors to your site can enter at the index page and see what’s fresh, whereas new visitors arriving via a search engine will be taken straight to the relevant information. If you’re doing it to promote your index page in the SERPs, then I don’t think it’s going to help you. As I said before, fresh content will only help if it’s relevant.